Expatriate/Retiree Health Insurance

What is GeoBlue Xplorer Healt Plan?

The GeoBlue Xplorer health plan is designed to support the international lifestyles of those who travel to or from the United States for extended periods of business, leisure and study. If you leave home for six months or more, your health and financial security are at serious risk because of significant gaps in most available insurance coverage and services. This risk is only heightened by limited knowledge of health and safety hazards around the world, including medical treatment from unfamiliar providers.

GeoBlue Xplorer is the ultimate international health plan because it combines comprehensive worldwide benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services, which include an impressive array of online and mobile tools used to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world.

GeoBlue Xplorer gives you the freedom to access care inside and outside the U.S. If you need benefits outside the U.S. only, explore the GeoBlue Xplorer Essential plan.

Americans who plan to be in the U.S. more than 35 days per year would benefit greatly from coverage provided by two policies: One that retains domestic coverage and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act; and one that protects them against significant coverage gaps, major claims hurdles and unprecedented burdens while trying to access contracted providers outside the U.S.

GeoBlue Xplorer Select and Global Citizen EXP Select offer *expedited underwriting and comprehensive coverage for those traveling or living outside the U.S. and include all the features of our global plans.

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